Global Network

" The Yandiya Family Continues To Grow "

YANDIYA Shenzhen - Manufacturer

Shenzhen Yandiya Technology opened its doors to manufacturing in 2010, we knew then that our success would only be achieved with likeminded professionals on board and geographically situated, was the only way forward.

Creating a Yandiya Group with a strict business model and creating an ethos that was far-reaching was our ultimate goal, with this in mind we formed an international, professional, independent team of partners to bring the Yandiya Brand to the forefront of the energy saving products available.

Working closely with our team we have gained a far reaching audience, showing why Yandiya stands out amongst its competitors. Our team of partners are at the forefront of the infrared market.

YANDIYA Technologies LTD - UK Regional Partners

Opening its doors in 2017, this dynamic team of entrepreneurs comprise of talented professionals with expertise in their fields. A key partner in the Yandiya Global network for their insight into key players and expanding marketing. YTL bring to the Global network a futurist market place and business plan that encompasses the ethos of our company.

With their expanding project based work in the UK, they have become a dominant presence in the Infrared market, and a leader in professionalism in the way they perform, leaving other UK companies to aspire too.

Yandiya Technologies soon provided the group with a dedicated and experienced IT department creating a global network of corporate websites, and a professional experienced project facilitator and coordinator to help with global projects.

YANDIYA (NZ) LTD - New Zealand

We are all aware of the environmental issues around the world and the need for sustainable solutions to ensure a warm dry home using a healthy form of heat that maintains a low carbon footprint. When we spoke to our potential partners in New Zealand they recognised a demand for a sustainable, energy efficient solution to the somewhat inadequate heating systems found in New Zealand.

We knew immediately that the NZ team had the same ethos as us and professionalism needed to introduce the benefits of the technology of Yandiya heating systems to our residential clients, the educational and government housing sectors, to ensure the Yandiya products are at the forefront of their minds.

They quickly demonstrated they were a valuable team player in the Yandiya Group having the same passion and commitment to succeed in providing a solution for the people of New Zealand.

YANDIYA Australia PLC - Melbourne

Making our product accessible to the market in Australia became a challenge, we made sure when we looked for the best partners to cover Australia their business goals were in line with what we expected.

Opening a new market with new ideas, became the focus of our Australian market, with a dedicated warehousing system we took are product in the region to an online platform, this soon became the focus for buying Infrared panel in Australia, and has grown from strength to strength.

YANDIYA Australia - Sydney

Our commercial division open to be able to offer the best service to the commercial market, the expertise the static partner shave brought is their insight into various construction project with the new immerging module field.

Along with this, they bring more insight into the energy market and what is needed where heating is not a common used item, but essential to homes, and as such we work with them to develop a more robust system using solar.


Canada has fast biome the next immerging market with the infrared market, adopt ng the technology they soon came to realise that using fossil fuel had become part of the past.

Opening Yandiya Canada was a long process with many hurdles to look at, but found that the dedication of the team and professionalism brought a more focus introduction to infrared heating solutions.

YANDIYA AFRICA Plc - Johannesburg

Like most companies starting to work in Africa, we stepped in the water and wanted to see if we could find the right people to represent our company and our products, as Africa is an emerging market for lighting and renewable energy and very self-reliant on energy saving products.

We found that working remotely, was very difficult, and knew if Yandiya Group was to grow we would need a more hands on approach, and we were finding that little or no progress was being made as many companies had short term goals and not the long term goals we had come to expect and demanded, so we decided the best way forward would be to open a dedicated Yandiya office to not only represent our Company, but alsomake sure that the products were reaching the right people, to open the market and bring the benefits energy efficient solutions.


Currently Yandiya is talking to new companies, and our Goal is to open another three branches by March 2019 - Yandiya innovation and commitment to the future is what drives us forward.

If you would like to become part of Yandiya Global Enterprise and can bring something to the table, you should contact us today - Email:-