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Tel: +86 (0) 755- 6150 6005 - 8 Lines


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Yandiya Africa appointed Sales Director
Publish:Yandiya Limited  Time:2014-08-02
Yandiya Africa Appoints Sales Director

Like most companies starting to work in Africa, we stepped in the water and wanted to see if we could find the right people to represent our company and our products, as Africa is an emerging market for lighting and renewable energy and still very much behind when it comes to the technology behind our key-line products of rechargeable powered lighting.
We decided to work with a few local companies to see which one had the strength and the resolve to move our company and product further into the market place, knowing this to be a slow process, we teamed with a few companies to make sure we could find the right people, we were not looking at how much they could sell and how quick, we wanted a company that knew how to run a business first and foremost.

We found that working remotely, was very difficult, and knew if Yandiya Group was to grow we would need a more hands on approach, and we were finding that little or no progress was being made as many companies had short term goals and not the long term goals we had come to expect and demanded, so we decided the best way forward would be to appoint a Sales Director, to not only represent our Company, but also to make sure that the products were reaching the right people, to open the market and bring the benefits of the rechargeable lighting to people who needed it.
This decision to bring in someone as our Sales Director, was good for our company, we soon saw that wasted months waiting for orders and design on R&D project, fast became reality, and we achieved in one month what targets had been proposed for three months, we knew we had done the right thing
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