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Yandiya Limited
Building 4A NuaNan Ind,
Baishixia East, Fuyong,
BaoAn Shenzhen China..
Tel: +86 (0) 755- 6150 6005 - 8 Lines


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  • •  Updated Terms and Conditions
    Shenzhen Yandiya has updated its terms and Condition.
  • •  Yandiya Africa appointed Sales Director
    Like most companies starting to work in Africa, we stepped in the water and wanted to see if we could find the right people to represent our company and our products, as Africa is an emerging market for lighting and renewable energy and still very much behind when it comes to the technology behind o...
  • •  Yandiya France opens it doors
    June 2014 became the start of what had been a long discussion on moving our company deeper into the European market, just like the United Kingdom, we needed to know that the company that was going to represent us, was hard working and had the same drive as the rest of the Yandiya Group. When Philip...
  • •  Yandiya Confirmed opening of Yandiya (UK) Ltd
    In January 2014, Yandiya Group Ltd and Shenzhen Yandiya Technology Ltd wanted to expand its operations, to do this we needed partners or a distributor to come onboard with us, and have the same drive and attention for detail, firstly we target the United Kingdom, by doing this it gave us a good base...
    New and improved bulbs, with its remote system you can now be guaranteed backup lighting for the three functions. High – 10 hours Lighting Med – 15 hours Lighting Low – 19 hours lighting The improved engineering and improved emergency feature, now gives greater power to our LED Lighting system, ...
  • •  Portable Explosion Proof LED Light
    The explosion proof LED Light provides operators with a convenient and powerful source of explosion proof certified illumination in a portable lighting package. This LED work light features a 16-inch diameter LED light head producing 10,000 lumens of light in a wide flood pattern mounted atop a simp...
  • •  Lighting Industry Survey Confirms LED Lighting Market Growth
    Cree, Inc. a market leader in LED solid-state lighting components announces the results of an independent survey on the adoption, deployment and benefits of LED lighting. The survey, taken at the recent 2012 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, validates strong global growth for LED lighting appli...
  • •  Precautions during LED storage and usage
    LED is very sensitive electronic components, so must be very careful during storage and usage, otherwise it will cause the damp LED, puncture or death. And a lot of problem LEDs only can be found during usage. Storage: 1. Moisture proof and anti-electrostatic package with moisture absorbent materia...
  • •  LEDs offer a brighter future
    A field trial of LED light fittings in social housing says the new technology can deliver huge energy savings, reduce costs and makes residents feel safer. The study, carried out by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), measured the performance of more than 4,250 LED light fittings installed at 35 sites. T...
    As part of the effort to avert a looming crisis; Eskom offers a variety of funding methods for businesses wanting to reduce energy. One type of light Eskom is particularly eager to get out of the system is the 50w halogen down lighter, which can be replaced with a much more efficient LED that can sa...
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