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Tel: +86 (0) 755- 6150 6005 - 8 Lines

Solar One Street Lights

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Name:30W Solar One Street Light
Our integrated solar street light which integrates highly efficient solar panels, LED lamp, and the Li-Fe battery into a single product, along with a human intelligence induction system, with a low-energy input system, long-lasting, high-luminance, and free maintenance lighting solution.

The Integrated Solar Street Light is perfect for almost any solar lighting application. Street lighting Projects, lighting a garden, residential area, courtyard, parking area or provide the light where it’s necessary. The battery provides the power for the light fixtures, and the solar panel provides the charge for the battery.

The product is made up with the integrated parts (solar panel, Li-Fe battery, LED, MPPT controller and human intelligence induction system). The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity which is then stored in the Li-Fe battery via controller, the LED light will work in night automatically by light sensor control, and provide light for the dark area, while the human intelligence induction system can save the energy when the lighting is not necessary.
Specification Features

1.Solar panel: Mono crystalline silicon

2.Battery Type: lithium battery.

3.LED lamp(with sensor).

4.Charge time: By sun 5 hours 

5.Discharge time: Full Power  10 hours.

6.Discharge time: Saving Mode 20 hours.

7.Working Temperature range( ℃ ): -30℃~+70℃.

8.Colour temperature range(k): 6000k.

9.Mounting height: 5-6m.

10.Space between lights: Range (m) 18-20m.

11.Lamps main material: Aluminum Alloy.

12.Certificates: CE / ROHS / IP65.

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