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Building 4A NuaNan Ind,
Baishixia East, Fuyong,
BaoAn Shenzhen China..
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Yandiya Limited

Building 4A NuaNan Ind,
Baishixia East, Fuyong,
BaoAn Shenzhen China..
Tel: +86 (0) 755- 6150 6005 - 8 Lines
Email: sales@yandiya.com


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Yandiya Lighting Factory
For the production of LED lights, Yandiya Limited uses a 7.000 sqm area, where more than 270 workers are employed. Our strict QC system guarantees the lowest defect rate and our production lines are use the newest technology and the most advanced machines.
Production Line
Currently there are 3 production lines for different LED lighting products that Yandiya produces and 2 assembly lines for our PCBA products. Every production line is equipped with QA/QC managers, who deal with real time inspection to make sure that every product in the line is produced or adjusted under quality control system. Under the standards of ISO 9001-2008, we guarantee that our production area is clear, dust-free, and well managed to ensure good product quality.
Advanced Machinery
At Yandiya Limited, we use the newest production equipment that improves both quality and production speed. In addition, we employ a team of experienced engineers and management personnel to carry out effective inventory management and factory management. All these factors help us to provide higher service quality and decrease the production costs.
Machinery/Equipment for R&D:
 • Temperature testers 
 • Luminance testers 
 • Integrating sphere 
 • Illumination measure equipment 
 • luminous decay testing equipment 
 • High-voltage testing equipment 
 • Automatic pulse aging equipment 
 • Multiplex temperature tester for electric ballast

Machinery/Equipment for SMD Production:
 • Reflow Oven 
 • Wave soldering machine
 • Automatic Printing Machine 
 • SMD machine 
 • High Temperature Testing 
 • X-Ray Test machine 
 • Bridge and Load meter
 • Aging Room
  • R&D Procedure:
 • Development intention launched 
 • Evaluation on the development intention 
 • R&D schedule 
 • Investigate on the potential new products new products programmed 
 • Sample evaluation 
 • Trial production evaluation 
 • Improvement
Successful products transferred to the factory


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