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Building 4A NuaNan Ind,
Baishixia East, Fuyong,
BaoAn Shenzhen China..
Tel: +86 (0) 755- 6150 6005 - 8 Lines

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Yandiya Limited

Building 4A NuaNan Ind,
Baishixia East, Fuyong,
BaoAn Shenzhen China..
Tel: +86 (0) 755- 6150 6005 - 8 Lines
Email: sales@yandiya.com



Yandiya Group Limited have built and cemented lasting relationships with clients and distributors across Europe and worldwide.

Our strong network of quality companies and individuals representing our products has enabled us to remain at the forefront of innovative and new technology in our specialized market place.

Our factory is dedicated to innovation and quality, and believes that by keep this premise and maintaining a high level of customer service, we can achieve not only our business goals, but help our client to achieve theirs.

As well as our valued clients, Yandiya Limited also have our engineers dedicated to the manufacturing process making sure that quality is maintained at all stages of the process.  We are in constant dialogue with our client base, in relation to the manufacture of new and bespoke products for their markets and use our experience in R&D to bring innovation and the latest product ready for the market place.  The quality of products from our factory are now of the very highest, and all are tested vigorously and CE marked before delivering to our customer base and distributors.

Before we add any new product to our portfolio for any of our client, we at Yandiya will always test products for period of time to make sure that our client not only receive what they expect, but beyond there expectations, in quality and performance.

With our two division in our company, one aiming for a rechargeable product, to reduce the carbon footprint, and bring the innovation of our patented product to the forefront of the energy market, and improving lives with the use of a rechargeable Bulb or a solar lighting system, either way showing that the power of the sun can be used to improve lives where possible.

Our other division concentrates on the isolation and supply of professional lighting for the installation of the Architectural designs and installation from bars and nightclubs to restaurants and hotels, retail outlets, corporate facilities and high-end residential projects, our designers create visually stunning, and now specified as products that can be relied upon not only for ease of installation, but with a 100% color match all the time, every time. Using the latest technology for LED, we have achieved great success by insuring that our RGB and Pixel product our at the highest lever of professional product on the market, and now being specified by the top architectural design companies, and the key installers from around the world, this is complemented by a complete range of professional controllers and accessories.

We are convinced that in the long run, our process will ensure that only the best quality products are available, right down the line

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